Executive Book Recommendations

Versatile and helpful for skills for technicians in any type of practice who wish to brush up on their technical skills.

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Congratulations TVTA Scholarship Winners!

Megan Oesch

Lincoln Memorial University

"I grew up in Sevierville, Tennessee.

I’ve always been around animals and

ever since I was little I’ve always known

I wanted to help animals. I didn’t know

exactly what I wanted to do as a career

until my senior year of high school

when I learned about what a veterinary

technician is and what they do. I knew

immediately that it is what I wanted to

pursue, so when I researched where I

could go to school for this degree I decided to go to Lincoln Memorial University. I’m currently pursuing my bachelor’s at LMU and will be a junior this coming fall. I sit for the VTNE in August, I’m very nervous and excited about taking it. I’ve already learned so much in two short years at LMU and can’t wait to learn more. Outside of
school and work I love hiking with my dog, spending time with friends and family, and binging criminal minds on Netflix."