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Veterinary Technicians

Caring for them all.
Scholarship winners
Alycia Brady from Lincoln Memorial University
    Alycia is a sophomore and will graduate in May 2015. She plans to come back to LMU in the fall for her BS degree.
Delbra Crowell from Volunteer State University
    Delbra Crowell has been a stay a home mother of two for many years, who has returned to school to fulfill her passion for helping animals. She is now a dedicated student earning a 3.7 GPA while continuing to balance her home life.
Andrea Dickey from Columbia State University
    Andrea Dickey, an upcoming 2015 graduate of the CSCC Veterinary Technology Program, received the Clinical Excellence Award at the programs’ Pinning Ceremony on Saturday, May, 2015. Andrea has been offered one of the four positions in the Veterinary Technology Internship Program at the University of Tennessee’s College of Veterinary Medicine. She will begin this internship in June of this year. We are very proud of her and wish her the best of luck!
Elizabeth Snyder from Chattanooga State Community College
    Elizabeth Snyder is a 2015 graduate of the Chattanooga State Community College
Veterinary Technology program. She started out her career in 2004 as an assistant at East
Brainerd Animal Hospital, building her knowledge and skills for 8 years. Wanting to
expand on those skills, she joined the excellent team at the Regional Institute for
Veterinary Emergencies and Referrals. There she realized how little she actually knew
about veterinary medicine and finally made the decision to apply to the Chattanooga
State Veterinary Technology program in 2012. Unfortunately, she was unable to
continue with the program due to the diagnosis of lymphoma in the summer of 2013.
Nevertheless, with the awesome support of family, friends, coworkers, and the wonderful
doctors and nurses at Tennessee Oncology, she made it through six rounds of
chemotherapy. When the word “remission” was officially used to describe her condition,
she scrambled to have everything ready to take back her seat within the Veterinary
Technology program for the fall of 2014. She is very excited to take the VTNE and
become a Licensed Veterinary Medical Technician.
Matthew Chestnut from University of Tennessee at Martin


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