The Tennessee Veterinary Technicians Association (TVTA) supports the Veterinary Nurse Initiative (VNI) and the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA).


The veterinary nursing and technology profession has developed over the past several decades to serve a vital role in the veterinary health care team. The TVTA has represented and elevated the veterinary technician profession in their importance in providing high quality patient care, client communication, and client education as well as the promotion of public health and advancements in scientific knowledge. 


The TVTA views the goals of the VNI in uniting the profession under a single title with consistent credential standards and associated scope of practice that is protected to those that meet the educational path set forth as a priority for the future of the profession. While there is clear evidence the presence of credentialed veterinary technicians has a positive impact on patient care and the success of veterinary practices, there is minimal public and professional understanding of the profession which contributes to current challenges in the profession today. Joining the national call for standardization and elevation of the profession will raise the intrinsic value of the credential and benefit the individuals in the field by further raising the awareness within the profession and public expectations of the knowledge, expertise, and passion required for high quality veterinary care.


In Tennessee, veterinary technicians have been part of the Tennessee Veterinary Practice Act since the early 1980’s. The TVTA has been active ever since.  We are subsequently fortunate to have a state veterinary medical association (TVMA) that is supportive and nurturing of the TVTA.  Tennessee is the only state that refers to its technicians as “Licensed Veterinary Medical Technician.” This title does help describe the profession as having a medical component, however still confuses the general population on what the job actually entails.  The feedback we have received from our members has overwhelmingly been in favor of a name change that reflects not just what we do as a profession, but what will help educate the public of our profession.  We feel that this name change will provide a much needed continuity in the technician profession that technicians of Tennessee are in favor, and have been long been waiting for.  


It is essential that the veterinary medical profession strives to meet the ever increasing professional and economic challenges while continuing to serve the needs of the public. A single, unified title and a standardized credential of Registered Veterinary Nurse throughout the nation will better align public perceptions of the role of the veterinary nurse and elevate standards met by each credentialed individual. Achievement of these goals will assure the highest quality of care to patients and animal owners, improve public relations, promote the use of veterinary services, and enhance the sustainability of the veterinary profession. 

December 12, 2017