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TVTA Committees

Want to be a more active member of the TVTA and not sure how to get involved? Check out our committees! If you're interested in becoming a part of any one or more, please email us!

TVTA Committees and Descriptions 

I. Public Relations committee 

Webmaster- chair 

* Develop promos for the public (local newspaper ads…) 

* Social media site updates 

* Work with district reps to find local animal related fundraisers/events that we can become a part of/sponsor  


II. Membership Committee 

Secretary- chair 

* Review and approve new applications for membership 

* Keep updated lists of all TVTA members as well as all licensed technicians in the state and distribute to board members/district reps prn 

* Send out membership goods (pin, member cards etc.)  


III. Election/award Committee 

Vice-president Chair 

* Handle election and nominations for board members 

* Handle submissions for Tech of the Year 

* Handle inquires on possible committee membership 


IV. CE Committee 

Past president chair 

* Help coordinate Fall and Memphis CE 

* Gather Silent auction goods 

* All district reps shall be members of this committee 


V. Financial Committee 

Treasurer- Chair 

* Develop budget 

* Produce end-of-year statements 

* Purchase give-a-ways (pens, highlighters…) 

* Coordinate fund raising activities (if any) 

* Prepare and submit any and all tax forms 


VI. Professional Affairs Committee 

NAVTA rep-Chair 

* Liaison to tech schools/student groups 

* Contact schools about scholarships 

* Update all members on NAVTA news via email 

* TVMA rep and District Representatives shall be a member of this committee 

The president will act on all committees as deemed necessary and serve as a liaison between committees as needed/necessary.  

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