Rules and Regulations

DID YOU KNOW........

The Practice Act states in Chapter 63-12-103 (20) that a “Veterinary Technician” means a person who is a graduate of a veterinary technology program accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association.  

The TVTA would hope that those persons wearing nametags labeling them as “Veterinary Technician” would at least meet this stipulation.  

Chapter 63-12-135 (D) goes on to state that “it is a class B misdemeanor for any person to use in connection with the person’s name any designation intending to imply that the person is a veterinary technician or a licensed veterinary technician unless the person meets the requirements contained in this chapter.” 

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Rules on Continuing Education

Each Veterinary Medical Technician must obtain twelve (12) hours of lecture/meeting time each calendar year.

The Board approves courses for only the number of hours contained in the course. The approved hours of any individual course will not be counted more than once in a calendar year toward the required hourly total regardless of the number of times the course is attended or completed by any individual licensee.

Each veterinary medical technician must retain independent documentation in the practice facility for audit of attendance and completion of all continuing education courses. This documentation must be retained for a period of four (4) years from the end of the calendar year in which the course is completed. This documentation must be produced for inspection and verification, if requested by the Board during its verification process.

Timely completion of continuing education credits is solely the responsibility of the licensee. The licensee must be physically present at these continuing education meetings and will be required to attest, at the time of renewal, that the requirement has been met. 

A maximum of four (4) hours of the twelve (12) hour requirement may be granted for multi-media courses during each calendar year.

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