The Veterinary Nurse Initiative

Telephone Script


House Bill 2288 / Senate Bill 2154


After identifying yourself, tell the legislative assistant you would like to leave a brief message

I am a Licensed Veterinary Technician or Veterinarian or constituent in Representative or Senator’s _______ district or if not in district say in Tennessee. 

I am calling to ask that Representative or Senator _______ support House Bill 2288 or Senate Bill 2154 (depending on if you are calling a Representative or Senator), which simply changes the existing name in the code from “Licensed Veterinary Medical Technician” to “Registered Veterinary Nurse.”

Pet owners do not understand the term “vet tech” and that term does not accurately reflect the tough education requirements and national board examination behind the license.

The name change would clarify this ambiguity by establishing a uniform title to reflect the license.  

Thank you for your support.

Please feel free to contact me at ***-***-****