The Veterinary Nurse Initiative

Email Script



House Bill 2288 / Senate Bill 2154



Dear Representative or Senator __________:

My name is _______________ and I am a Licensed Veterinary Technician or Veterinarian or Constituent in your district or if not in district in Tennessee. 

I ask that you vote favorably on House Bill 2288 or Senate Bill 2154 (depending on if you are writing a Representative or Senator), which simply changes the existing name in the code from “Licensed Veterinary Medical Technician” to “Registered Veterinary Nurse.”

Multiple states have established individual practice acts with varied education and credentialing requirements for veterinary technicians.  This has resulted in four different titles for essentially the same job. To clarify this ambiguity, the Tennessee and National Veterinary Technicians have decided to coalesce under one title that accurately reflects their education and license – Registered Veterinary Nurse. 

A side-by-side comparison of credentialed Licensed Veterinary Medical Technicians and human nurses in Tennessee show no meaningful differences in education, certification or board examinations. Using the term Registered Veterinary Nurse accurately reflects the extensive education and licensing exam for the profession


This bill only deals with the areas of Veterinary Medicine and has no impact whatsoever on the Nursing Board or Nursing Practice Act. If a Registered Veterinary Nurse were to use the title “Nurse” or “Registered Nurse” in their practice, the Registered Veterinary Nurse could be subject to disciplinary action before the Veterinary Medical Board.  

Thank you for your time. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.


       your name