Saturday November 21, 2015
University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine
Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Conference
 Total of 6 CE hours (3 lectures and 3 from a lab)
Open to both veterinarians and veterinary technicians
Register by November 16
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Registration is now open for Best Evidence, Better Care - the 7th Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine Association (EBVMA) online Symposium to be held Friday, 13 November 2015.

***Note, again this year there is a discounted registration fee for librarians and veterinary technicians/nurses***

This year’s event brings a breadth of speakers from North America and Europe. Topics range from short vignettes covering important clinical decision-making skills to new initiatives designed to improve how we use and appraise the biomedical literature.

Our keynote this year is Dr. Ben Goldacre (University of Oxford, Sense About Science and the Bad Science blog). He’s an immensely popular speaker at TED Talk conferences, author of several books including “Bad Science” and “Bad Pharma”, a broadcaster, campaigner and academic researcher. Dr. Goldacre “specializes in unpicking the misuse of science and statistics by journalists, politicians, quacks, drug companies and more”.

This year’s event will be held online, so you can attend in the comfort of your home or office. AAVSB/RACE certification for CEU/CPD credits is pending for both veterinarians and technicians/nurses (the EBVMA is RACE provider #895).

Please see for full details including schedule updates, webinar registration, speaker information, session abstracts and how to subscribe to our low-volume announcements only newsletter for all the latest news and updates.

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